R&B Food Supply Public Company Limited and our subsidiaries Company conduct business with awareness of the importance of sustainable organizational development.

Under good supervision throughout the value chain Taking into account the impact on stakeholders, society and the environment, the company believes that conducting business on a sustainable basis is an important foundation that will help strengthen the organization's sustainable growth. There is a framework for sustainable development in three important scope:

Sustainable Development Policies and Goals

R&B FOOD SUPPLY PCL has sustainability performance according to sustainability assessment criteria in The Thailand Sustainability Investment(THSI) which has now changed name to SET ESG Ratings to ensure that we demonstrate good governance practices and consideration for all stakeholder covering environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. This year 2023,R&B FOOD SUPPLY PCL received SET ESG RATINGS at BBB.

Environment ( E )

Balanced environmental management
  • Conduct business in accordance with environmental and climate change policies By promoting the efficient use of resources. Control and reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Including reducing and controlling air, water, and land pollution, waste management to lead to Zero Waste to Landfill, as well as conserving biodiversity. which may have an impact on society and the environment As a result of the company's operations and affiliated companies and including related partners
  • Promote processes in the organization's environmental operations principles (CSR in process) including management actions to prevent impacts. or effectively mitigate impacts on the environment in every step of working within the value chain , especially regarding greenhouse gases efficient use of electricity and oil economical use of water resources and various waste management not to affect the environment
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Social ( S )

Creating value for society responsibly
  • Conduct business according to social responsibility policy and live together with the community A happy and sustainable society By aiming to build and maintain good relationships to gain acceptance and trust in each other. Including safety and considering the impact that may have on the community from the company's business activities.
  • Support and encourage employees at all levels as well as stakeholders in every sector. Participate in social responsibility activities/projects together to support activities and operations for employees at all levels. To instill awareness and behavior in sustainable development ( Sustainability Development ) in every work process of the organization.
  • Operates with a continuous food safety quality system and has received standard certification from various agencies. both nationally and internationally
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Governance ( G )

Good Corporate Governance in order to grow steadily and sustainably
  • Conduct business according to good corporate governance policy develop business processes for all stakeholder groups. to grow and have sustainable profits, be honest, fair, adhere to compliance with the law. and trade terms promote clarity and transparency in organizational management in accordance with international principles. Including supporting the fight against corruption.
  • Treat competitors According to the framework under the law regarding trade competition practices. and do not violate confidentiality or knowing the trade secrets of business competitors through fraudulent treatment of trading partners including creditors Equally and equitably
  • Promote and support personnel development operations at all levels to develop the potential and performance of personnel at all levels efficiently. and to create a new skill set, which is a body of knowledge that supports the development of personnel to be ready to adapt to support technology and innovation that will play a role in the organization in the future.
  • Follow human rights policy Promote compliance with human rights principles by conducting business activities in accordance with the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights ( UNGPs ) and the framework for implementing the Sustainable Development Goals ( Sustainable Development Goals : SDGs ) related
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Sustainable Development Goals

In order to be in line with the sustainable development policy, the company has set goals to be linked to the sustainable development goals or Sustainable Development. Goals ( SDGs ) of the United Nations, 5 main goals, with details as follows:

Message from the Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development Committee 2022

Mrs. Petchara Ratanapoompinyo

Chairman of the Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development

“Conducting business on the basis of social, economic and environmental responsibility, taking into account stakeholders throughout the value chain that it is the operational guidelines of the R&B Food Supply Public Company Limited.”